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imjudypooh   (open in a new window)

Are you my First Officer?
Hi! I've been a SciFi fan from a wee child when my parents started taking me to SciFi conventions with them (what were they thinking!). DS9 was my favorite of the Trek series but I do love them all. I like to game (PRG mostly), go to ren faires, go camping, draw, paint, hang out with friends and just have fun. Looking for a brilliant, funny man for a friend and more.

42 years old | McKinney, TX, USA

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k1of7   (open in a new window)

I copied this from my profile on IntellectConnect. General Information Personality: dry, sarcastic, needy. Hobbies: TOS slash, free lectures, Says You! Interests: puns, math, ShoreLeave. Quirks: gullibility, paranoia, insecure. Lifestyle: hermit, cat collector, gay-friendly. Ambitions: none. Know: I do not date well. Literature: funny, scary, or slash. Important: family, kindnes...

50 years old | Olympia, WA, USA

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simon6051   (open in a new window)

Here for friends
Hi, self confessed sci fi fanatic who unfortunately is rather ill at present and is therefore stuck at home. I'm looking for people with similar interests to chat with, hence coming here. I'd love to meet people, male or female, that are articulate and interesting and that enjoy a good joke amongst the heated sci fi debates! So please feel free to message. Thanks! Speak soon!

28 years old | Coventry, United Kingdom

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wombat1788   (open in a new window)

Love those tight uniforms
I am warm, loving, caring, intelligent, down to earth and sensitive and I love to laugh and have fun but I'm also quiet sometimes. In social situations I can be outgoing or I can be quite shy depending on the situation. I like to do stuff such as country walks, visit cosy pubs, cinema, theatre, cycling, photography, TV, badminton, meals out, being intimate and having fun  

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quieteuphorian   (open in a new window)

I want to go back to my world...
I guess as far as Star Trek specifically, I'm partial to the original series, but I like a lot of other sci-fi too. If I don't seem completely nuts, let's talk.

46 years old | Jefferson Manor, VA, USA

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mysteiablue   (open in a new window)

24 years old | Upper Darby, PA, USA

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rofflecakes   (open in a new window)

Seeking my imzadi computer nerd.
Greetings, my name is Brittney. Star Trek is my favorite sci-fi show, TOS being my favorite era, TNG second. I also much enjoy working with computers, programming languages, drawing/CG drawing, astronomy, science in entirety, sci-fi shows, cartoons, video games, and superheroes. Some of my favorite shows are Star Trek, Batman: The animated series, Futurama, Big Bang Theory, Freakazoid, and Amer...

25 years old | Lynnwood, WA, USA

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ensignsteve   (open in a new window)

Ok, here goes. Well, I got into Star Trek only a few years ago after catching a few episodes of Star Treks TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise on a now defunct channel called Virgin One. Before long I was hooked and I'm now well and truly a Trekkie or at least in terms of enthusiasm if not in knowledge as I've still got so much Star Trek to watch. I just recently finished watching all three seasons...

29 years old | Canterbury, United Kingdom

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robertsj1990   (open in a new window)

23 years old | Lynchburg, VA, USA

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nakedox   (open in a new window)

51 years old | A Country Place, VA, USA

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