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carolinatgal   (open in a new window)

Carolina Trekkie Seeks Some Local Connections
I joined this site because I have always been a fan of sci-fi, especially Star Trek. I grew up watching the original show, then thrilled when The Next Generation came out! I honestly love all the series- including DS9 & Voyager. At one time, I collected the trading cards, the collectible card game, action figures, toys and models. Now that I am older, I no longer have a lot of that stuff, but stil...

41 years old | Lumberton, NC, USA

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starwarrior201   (open in a new window)

looking rnerdy,geeky girl or woman that a fan,collector of scifi,fantasy,horror,startrek ,starwars, dwho.everything from captain video to x files books,magazines, to conventions .lovehavve a girlfriend ,travel to conventions together.3 to 5 days andl gueststhat are get special rate.attending the con.meeyting favoritte scifi guests ,startrek and starwars,doctor who sraers,check out panels,guest s...

57 years old | Evansville, IN, USA

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physicsman   (open in a new window)

Doctor Loves Trek
I have a Ph.D. in physics. But my passions are cartoons, video games, Star Trek (I have 550+ of the books and all of the DVDs), board games, D&D (1st and 2nd ed.), action figures, epic fantasy metal, and guns. I hate doing "grown up" things. I'm immature but not crass. I can talk for hours about quantum physics, cartoons, conspiracy theories, or European power metal. There are other geeky things I...

33 years old | Aa Junction, AR, USA

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thetallman   (open in a new window)

36 years old | Phoenix, AZ, USA

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englishgeek   (open in a new window)

LLAP //.
Hello to you all, I am John and a big Sci-Fi Geek into Almost anything most of all Star Trek and Doctor Who though. Hope to speak to like minded people make friends. I have a wonderful girlfriend so not here to date or find love as already found it. Please feel free to ask me anything.

24 years old | Hartlepool, United Kingdom

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spacepirate   (open in a new window)

Space Pirate Looking for a First Mate

Hi, I am a writer, journalist and podcaster. I love all the usual suspects, or as I like to call them - The Unholy Quadrinity (is that even a word?) of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and Blakes 7.

It goes without saying that I'm looking for friendship leading, hopefully, to romance, but it would also be brilliant if that person would be someone wi...

47 years old | Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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kalelkent777   (open in a new window)

Looking for Lois Lane
I am a 38 year old man who believes a lady should be treated as such. I like to have long conversations about everything with my friends . I also like to cuddle on the couch and watch a good movie. I am into Sci-Fi Fantasy, Comedies action and cardgames such as rummy, hearts, euchre, spades etc...

42 years old | All of IL, USA

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starwraith   (open in a new window)

Hi. I created a profile on this site in the hope of finding a few new friends and possibly someone who might want to share their life with me. Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck with either. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if there is anyone out there who is genuinely interested in me at all.

I'm a hopeless romantic at heart; but, unfortunately, I rarely have the chance to sho...

35 years old | East Maitland, Australia

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lovsims   (open in a new window)

in to andy and all star trek!!!!
Seen every movie and every episode of all the tv series....

42 years old | Wayne, MI, USA

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captserek   (open in a new window)

Your future ex-lover
Long time Star Trek fan, into many things. Complex individual with simple needs. Seeking an intelligent, attractive women with similar interests.

51 years old | San Fernando Valley, CA, USA

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